Camescoop is born from the association of multiple talents form the cinema industry with one goal in mind  :


create a collaborative space for audiovisual technician to discuss creativity and acces to awesome camera gear.

We have access to a huge variety of 🎬 gear.

Contact💌 us to chat💬 your 🧠project and

we will 💁‍♀️help🚀 you with the proper

📹camera, 🔭lens and 📺accessories.


#REBOOT2020# 🌈 Back to work Camera Solutions 🌈 #2020REBOOT#

Our equipment solutions are thought
within the 💣Covid-19🔫 context.


We developed a highly efficient 🌍streaming🌎 system for remote 🎬shooting.
Real time 🎥picture, playback & set wiew👀.
right from your 🏠couch🛋.


All our gear will be delivered to customers fully disinfected 🚿
and we will provide extras solutions for disposable
gloves💅, masks👨‍🎤 and hand sanitizer🥃👐.